Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I figured I would continue a bit from the previous story. There is probably a good story in there somewhere. Perhaps I will elaborate on it later. Enjoy.

I sat there drinking my beer waiting for her to start. She had picked up her guitar and started to strum it just a little like a forgotten lover. As she was reacquainting herself with the guitar I noticed some other people had joined her on stage. Another guitar and a violin. In the back a drummer had setup a simple 3 piece. With her head tilted down she mumbled into the microphone. It was unintelligible gibberish or so it seemed. As she slowly increased her volume the violin picked up and a cello that I had not seen before they started playing. A slow melody picked up and her words slowly became understandable. Her voice still filled with pain that I heard before but now stronger. She did not waver one note as she sang to me and everyone else her song.

“By the wall lives the tears….. In the corner remains my fears”
“Lonely nights alone slowly adding to the figure…. A monster slowly getting bigger”

The tempo picked up on the guitar and the drummer pounding with intensity. It slowly grew like the monster in her song into a louder and quicker beat. She let this continue for a few moments while she appeared to struggle with the next few lines. It was then when she looked in my direction full of sadness I pondered if I should ask her to stop before she broke down.

“I know why you left that day.. You felt there was no other way”
“Left me alone to face my hell.. One that you created so well”

She let herself carry the word well for a few seconds as if letting it sink into everyone’s mind deeply before she spoke again. The drummer picked up the beat and everyone except the cello and violin played with a bit more passion as she started her chorus.

“I smiled when you walked out the door”
“And jumped for glee.. Now that your gone”
“I wait by the door for you to return”
“To me..”

I do not remember the rest of the song. It was that point I had to leave. My friend came up to me. She was obviously wasted as she grasped onto me for support. I looked back up at the stage and she glared at me from her spot. I guess it was fitting as now the song had picked up. Her anger was spewed out across musical notes that carried forth and dug their way into my heart. I slowly walked my friend out of the club missing the rest of the song but not forgetting the moment I had with her. I have betrayed her as I told her I would listen but I did not. I left before she was finished. I doubt she will ever forget and will probably hold it against me for years to come.
I do know though that she will use that anger against me and write some songs. Perhaps her hate will fuel her to new heights. That I do not know. All future possibilities ruined by my drunken friend.

Oh well c'est la vie.

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