Sunday, October 20, 2013

Perception is reality, reality is perception.  If you perceive something like your spouse cheating on you the facts of it being false becomes irrelevant.  I trust my wife with my heart and my life.  I know she would not cheat on me.  Her faithfulness I do not doubt.  I see friends and coworkers struggle with jealously and I wonder if somehow I just did not get that gene?  Perhaps I am the fool or too self assured that my reality is I can trust her.  Until I perceive myself as the fool I guess there is nothing to be worried about.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

How do I find someone to interview that ties to my “I believe”.   This is the question I have struggled with for the past few days.  Not many people I know really follow the belief.  The best I can come up with is find someone who is strong and take some of how they react and show how it can be part of my belief.  Perhaps that is the goal to challenge me to find someone who is close and show that I can tie that to something else.  Here goes everything.

Monday, October 07, 2013

It is interesting on how we apply human aspects to mechanical devices.  My TiVo stopped working today and my first thought was a good bye old friend.  Now I'm trying to revive it and thinking of all the shows it introduced me to and the times it allowed my wife and I to share a TV show together without having to worry about the fact it was on when one of us was at work.  I am sure others are as guilty as I am and like me apply it to so many other devices.  Begging my car to start or feeling alone when my friend the smart phone stops working or has no power.  Are we searching for connection and so desperate that we will look everywhere possible but ignore that which is in front of us.  So needy of a friend we consult inanimate objects and apply characteristics to them while ignoring the people around us.  My friend the computer always willing to listen to me even when I'm annoyed with my wife.  Rarely interrupting and willing to take whatever crap I throw at it.  Marry me oh bundle of ones and zero's,  marry me you sexy pile of silicon, marry me for you know me better than anyone else.