Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Book of Morman

So I got to see finally Book of Morman in the theatre.  It made me think about religion and being able to laugh or view satire of something you believe in.  The musical does mock the Morman religion but I think in general it mocks all religions.  You could easily take the story of Joseph Smith and its quirks and compare it to any time in the old testament where God asked his followers to prove their faith.  Yes the plates of gold that no one saw is a odd point but that could be applied to other stories and fables as well.  As one of the songs in the musical covered "Mormans just believe" is a great statement for any follower of faith.  You have to make that initial leap of faith and believe in the religion.  Sure to those who are unable or unwilling to make that leap of faith on the outside it does appear comical or odd but once you make that leap you just believe.

The Church of Jesus Christ and Latter day Saints disliked and publicly disapproved of the musical.  I think instead they should celebrate it.  The same way some Jew's view fiddler on a roof showing a slice of life and idiosyncrasy of their faith I think the Morman church should embrace the musical.  Sure there are moments it mocks and views the things satirically.  However it does correctly show how some bright eyed some religious followers go out and preach the word as if it would solve all the problems.  The word of God doesn't solve all the worlds problems,  it is a guide to show you how you should act and behave while solving problems.  The Bible doesn't cover what to do when you lose health insurance or hundreds of real world problems.  

We are created in God's image and humor is something that is shared among all of mankind.  Sure we all have different flavors of it but everyone appreciates a good joke if they get it.  How can we not view that perhaps our diety also has a sense of humor.  It may be Ironic humor or long story form humor but hey I am sure God can take a joke.  If God can why cannot we.  Laugh at your religion, laugh at yourself, and be able to laugh at the world in general.  Who knows by being able to laugh and perhaps see things a little differently it may strengthen your faith.  For if what you believe in is destroyed by a joke then did you really believe in it?

Sunday, November 03, 2013

As one could see from reading the history of this blog I used to write a lot.  Perhaps a lot is not a good way to phrase that.  I used to unleash a flood of words and letters upon a blank canvas that is my monitor.  It was one of my ways of dealing with life and other things.  I think a part of me still associates writing with those darker times in my memory.  Making just blind writing difficult.  There are times that I try to write and I encounter a wall that blocks so much where I can't even come up with anything besides "I cannot come up with anything so I am going to keep repeating this sentence until something appears."  One can wish for sunlight during nighttime but all the wishing will not make it happen.  I wish I could simply write like I did when I was younger.  I know the writings are not that great but writing garbage is better than not writing at all.  However not being depressed is so much better than being able to write regardless of how frustrating it can be for class.