Monday, March 15, 2004

Today I woke up with a slight headache and wasted time waiting for it to pass. I thought that I could easily write 500 words regarding the matter. So here is my attempt to write about my morning.

I awake in blinding light. Pain coursing through my body as light hits my eyes and my head pounds. I sit up for a moment only to fall back down into my bed. Falling far into a mess of blankets and warmth. A pillow that catches my head and throws dream stuff in my eyes as I drift off to sleep. The pain fades the further asleep I go and I curl up grabbing more blanket to cover my face.

I wake up again in a world of soft grays and soft things. A muffled beam of light tries to pierce my blanket but fails. Only a slight glow in the path of white fuzzy is the telltale sign that it is day. My head does not pound but I know the instant I remove the blanket it will start. I look at my blanket admiring its protective ability. Keeping me safe from cold winter nights and protecting my eyes from the harsh sunlight as it tries to stab into my brain.

Rolling over to my side to allow a better vantage point to see my clock. I struggle for minutes without end trying to position myself to see out but to keep the protective layer of warmth and fuzz between me and the light. I catch a glimpse of the time and covering most of my head in a blanket I reach over and grab my laptop. Setting it down on my bed while I crouch over a pillow waiting for a page to load up. Hoping to get a word out to the world to let them know that I will not come out until the dreaded light ceases trying to pierce into my brain. I will stay here under my blanket for the rest of the day and wait out the sun. I know it will tire of this game and slowly march across the sky into the west. I know if I can wait it out I will win and be able to continue on with my day. I know that if I stay under this blanket any longer I will fall back asleep.

The sun waits and keeps trying but it is too late. I have already fallen to the might of my blanket. First it is my protector now it is my captor.

Ok that is not 500 words but oh well.