Friday, March 05, 2004

So the other day I wore some aquasocks to a friends house. I bought them because they looked comfy and easy to slip on. Also they were cheap. Everything I wanted out of it I have gotten a tenthfold. While we were there chatting someone mentioned they would write a novel and a character would wear aquasocks. I was pleasantly pleased. These things have truly been somewhat fun to wear. It is like wearing slippers but a bit more support on the bottom. That person wrote in thier blog a short story about a superhero who had a pair. As I read it at work I thought to myself.... I could do better. I did not mean it in the way that I could write better but I thought I could write a better story that would include Aquasocks. So I did. Is it better? I don't know. I do know it is a lot shorter. So here it is. Enjoy my story that includes aquasocks. Also I just like saying aquasocks.

And the door closed shut. Another chapter and moment in life gone forever. As he had turned his back I should have said something. Looking at the back of his coat I wanted to say something. Seeing him lift his duffel bag over his shoulder and then turning the door knob I knew my moment to say something was there. It was then but I kept silent. I did not want him to go. He kept talking about duty and to fight for freedom. What about his duty to me? What about the needs I had? Yet he still left. I should have said something to him. Staring at the door I hear the truck start up. The loud bellows of exhaust that spurts out with rolling of thunder. I hear the engine rev up a little then it fading into the distance. How will I tell myself that your gone. My gaze drifts down from the door and onto the floor nearby. I see his bright blue aqua socks. I remember when he first wore them, “A man has to have a comfy pair to wear around the house.” I used to make fun of his glorified slippers. The early mornings where he would slip those on to run outside in the cold to start up his truck. Then he would run back inside to get dressed quickly. That day when I was really sick and he ran to McDonalds to get me some fries. Wearing nothing but those and a pair of shorts. Now by some chance he had forgotten them. Perhaps I shall leave them there so when he comes back he will see all that waited for his return. Instead I get up and go grab them. Holding them close knowing there is a chance that he will not come back. All I will have left to remember him by are the aqua socks.