Friday, March 26, 2004

A few more random words as I butcher the english language.

A dark sky hanging gloomily over some trees. A faint glow in some clouds as the moon tries to pierce the midnight shroud covering this land. A lone road of black pavement that twists and wraps around rocks a contrast to the raw forest surrounding it. Trees that have been there for centuries trying to tear apart the road slowly one inch at a time. The silence in the forest complete wrapping up all the land complete with the dark sky above. Off in the distance the perfection broken by a small glow. A roar of a motor growing louder forcing itself to be heard throughout the forest. The glow gets bigger and the motor gets louder while it twists along the road. Animals flee and hide from this monster. A few watch from their hiding place seeking to know what this creature is after. The road takes the glow behind some rocks and for a moment it disappears things return to what it was before like nothing happened. Then it appears out of nowhere bright lights bathing the land in light while the rumble of the motor shaking the ground. For a moment the light gets brighter and brighter while the sound keeps increasing in volume. Then quickly it is gone. Down the road further and it gets taken behind another hill. The darkness reclaims its forest and the monster is gone.