Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Figured I would post something random.

The moment was sealed with a kiss. After it ended they both stepped back and looked into each others eyes. Passion and love filled both of them a reflection of each others heart. Each filled with the same emotion. The completion of their dreams and hopes over the past few days. The emails, phone calls, and instant messages. Capped off with the dozen roses he bought her and had personally delivered to her workplace. Neither really saw it coming but once the roller coaster started they both held on and let it go. Now they were sitting there in a nice park on a beautiful day. Life and wondrous things were happening around them but neither noticed. Each concerned and looking at the other watching for the telltale sign that this was it. Each waiting for sparks to mysteriously appear out of nowhere and start flashing to signify this moment. No sparks, no flying baby with a bow is seen either, neither is there the shape of a heart in each of their eyes. Just two people who have searched for a long time and have now found what they were looking for. After the moment has passed he blinked first. His ego and upbringing came into effect. He scooted a inch away and resumed his manly attitude.

“So it is nice to see you here. I am glad we were able to meet. Perhaps we can do this again tomorrow for lunch?”

The moment has been lost already but she struggled to hang onto it.

“Um sure same time tomorrow and perhaps we can do dinner that night? I would love to hear more about your funny childhood. I never thought that a catholic school would be so entertaining.”

“Sure meet me here at noon and we can go someplace nice. “

“Alright see you then.”

She leaned forward to kiss him but he leaned a bit to the side. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a friend from work glancing his way. Not wanting to appear less of a man he took control of the situation and did a quick kiss. He smiled and quickly left. As he walked away he did not look back he kept his eyes focused on his car. ‘What would the guys at work think if I told them I fell for a ditz?’ When he gets in his car he turns to look at her and waves but is too far away to see the tears in her eyes.