Sunday, March 14, 2004

Seeking to write a story/script I took a few lines in a outline I had written a while ago. One of which I did this.

17. Hooking up with a old friend (Stan). Still selling big time drugs in this small town. Offers help and some weight to protect oneself. Lets it be known Dad was a loyal friend and a customer.

and filled it out to this. Still working on conversation. Somehow it does not feel right.

A white car pulls onto the road. Normally this road is completely empty and most people drive by it. Only the ones seeking something pull onto this road. The car pulls up closer and dims the lights as it stops in front of a house. For a small town this is about as bad as the neighborhood gets. This little cu de sac has three houses on it. The middle one in the best of shape and even then it is rundown. The front yard has a car parked on it. The windows are mostly boarded over except the large window in the front. It has glass but a heavy drape over it to block out all light. Perhaps it is there to keep in all light. The cars motor stops and the white door opens. Out comes Joel a cigarette hanging out of his mouth as he reached to close the door. Wearing a long and heavy coat he approaches the door. A swift knock on the heavy door and a drag on the cigarette. Blowing smoke into the peephole knowing someone was most likely watching his movements. A few clicks of locks and the door opens soft music from inside beckons. A man standing there in the way with short blonde hair that appears to be seeking every random direction. A glimmer of recognition and he steps out of the way.

“Joel how are you doing?” Stan asked while motioning over to a large chair in the room.

“Doing ok figured I would visit since I was around.” Joel responded and shook his head. He preferred to stand incase things went sour.

“I heard the news man I think it sucks what happened to your dad. Though he was a customer I considered him a friend. Why I remember the first day he brought you with him when he was picking up some stuff…”

“Some memories need to be forgotten Stan. I am here for information and find out who I can trust in this town.”

“You can trust me man but remember if you compromise my position I will no longer call you a friend.”

“Look I don’t care about your business. I just want answers. Who killed my dad? Do you know who he could have pissed off ?”

“I will look into it. Give me a few hours or so. In the mean time you care to share a smoke with me?”

“Na.. I don’t smoke that stuff man remember. Besides Scott has been harassing me and the last thing I want is for him to bust my ass because I know he would just love that.”

“Sure man sure. Tell you what while your in town I think I got something you can use.”

Stan went over to a small chest in the room. He pulled out a key and opened the lock on it. Reaching inside he pulled out a bundle of cloth. After closing the chest again and relocking it he wandered back over to Joel.

“Here man you may need this. Things have not changed much in this town since you left.” Stan handed over the cloth bundle to Joel’s outstretched hand. Joel carefully unwrapped the object and found a small gun inside. A press of a lever ejected the clip showing it full and ready to be used. Pushing the clip back inside and cocking it back he put the safety on. Carefully wrapping it back up in the cloth and putting it in a large coat pocket.

“It is nice to know some things never change. Of which how is the gang doing? If I need backup is there anyone I can call?”

“Na.. D is in the county and James is up at state. It is just me and you this time.”

“Look Stan you don’t have to do anything. I will understand. Cops are involved and I don’t wish anyone else to go down with me if things sour.”

“Don’t worry man. I will cover my own. Besides I always enjoy the chance to get back at some cops. Also if we can get one or two to sympathize for the cause means less I have to worry about busting my ass in the future.”

“Cool is there any cops that you know for information that I can call?”

“Na man. The one good cop I knew left town after the Green family incident a few years ago.”

“Green family? Isn’t that Derrick blood?”

“Yeah man. Dirty business too. His father was driving around stone on something and ran into someone porch. The cops approached the truck and demanded he come out. He had the windows rolled up and did not come out. So three of them opened fire. After emptying their guns into him they finally pulled him out and he was DOA by time ambulance arrived. The three of them got paid suspension while the Green family got half a mill and a ticket out of town.”

“Do you know who the cops were? That’s a messy situation there. I remember when Derricks dad used to take us fishing.”

“Don’t worry about them. They will get their own. I am personally looking into it. You worry about your problems for the moment.”

“Thanks man I should go. Give me a call on my cell when you get some info.”

“No worries man just remember this town has not changed since you left. People harbor old grudges and lots of them still own guns. Watch your toes otherwise they will have to dig a hole near your pop.”

“I understand. Laters.”
Joel turned around and headed towards the door. As it closed behind him the clicking of locks going into place signified that he was probably going to be alone this time. Holding the gun in his coat he walked over to the car and noticed a car across the street with someone sitting in it smoking a cigarette. Opening the car door and get inside he started the motor and drove off. In his rear view mirror the car sitting on the side of the road turned on its lights and started to slowly follow.