Wednesday, March 17, 2004

So in my effort to try and finish something for once I took a section of a story outline and filled it out with a bit more information. I started out with this....

4. Horrible wake up call. - Young man (Joel ) gets call from brother that his mother has been murdered. Also hears his father is in hospital after a attack.

And here is what I ended up with. It is not much but hey it is 30 minutes of work. I can always polish it up a bit more later down the line.

A small dark room with posters hanging on the walls. A computer desk with two monitors and the humm of a fan inside the case blowing. A few random lights as various electronic objects cast a ominous glow. A bed off to the side with a young man sleeping. Looks to be in mid twenties with long blonde hair. In his mind dancing lights and images that none except he can see. Dreaming peacefully after a hard day of work and promises of a better tomorrow to lift his hopes up. Next to his bed a small wooden stand with slight warping where a water has been left to sit too long. On that stand balancing on three feet is a little phone. Plugged into the wall it is almost prescient. It knew when the call was coming before it started. This time it knew a call was coming so it started its ringing.

Ring, ring! Ring, RING! RING, RING!
A hand detaches from under the blanket and inches towards the ringing phone. It grasps the top part and pulls it from the bottom and withdraws its captured prey into the blanket. A muffled voice is heard under the blanket.

“Hello?” The muffled voice comes out from under the pile of blanket and warmth.

“Joel it is Ben.”

“Ben its late why…”

“Joel something has happened. Mom has been shot and Dad has been attacked. We need you to come down here now.”

“What! Are you joking? Man it is fucking 2 in the morn…”

“Joel this is not a joke. I am calling from the hospital now. Come down we need you.”

“Your serious. Alright. I will be there in a hour and half.”

“Don’t speed Joel. This whole thing smells of pigs. If they out for revenge no need to give them a excuse.”

“No worries man. See you in a hour and half.”

“Joel man I don’t want……”

The phone gets placed back on the receiver. The arm goes back into the blanket and a muffled sob is heard. A moment later a man pulls himself from the bed and heads into the shower. The running of water is cut short as he exits and gets dressed. Standing there in front of the mirror carefully strapping a pistol in a shoulder holster. Pulling tight his belt and then lacing up his shoes. Reaching over to grab a small backpack and throw some clothes inside of it. Along with a box of ammo and a extra clip. A knife and small shaving kit soon join the mix. A reach over to his desk and he grabs his wallet and keys. Quickly opening the wallet to make sure he had some spending cash before he places it into his back pocket. He grabs his coat and heads out of the house giving the door a twist to make sure it is locked. Reaching inside his coat pocket pulling out a wireless phone. A quick call into the work automated system to notify them a death in the family and his absence for a few days. He gets into his little red sports car and starts up the motor. It is now 2:15 and he has 108 miles to travel. Mostly flat land and prairie. The car starts up upset at its slumber being interrupted. Soon it warms up as the motor revs a few times. Loud music shakes the windows as it pulls out of its parking spot and heads out to the dark night.