Wednesday, March 03, 2004

The rain pounded the roof desperately. Trying to get inside the house. The little drops hitting against the tiles at times the sound like a little boy pounding away quickly with his new set of drums. The sound of a few drops hitting a puddle near the door gives more depth for the music of nature. It had started raining a few minutes ago. A crack of thunder brought some lightning and inside this room you see a boy standing there. Holding a gun in one hand. In the other hand he is steadying his arm. On the floor you see a body. Face down face in a puddle of blood. Surprise on both faces. The boy reaches back and pulls the gun and aims it just like he has seen in the movies. Thunder breaks the clouds again. This time the gunshot is louder though. Memories fill the boys head while he is standing there emptying what ammunition he had left. Memories of when he got the gun.

“Heavy is good. Heavy is solid. You want to stand there with the weight in the gun to avoid some of the kick. You want heavy. Also when you run out of bullets you can use it to hit with.”

“I don’t know that seems quite heavy. My arm gets tired holding for a few seconds now. What will it be like if I use it? How will I aim correctly?”

“You pull it and aim then fire. After your done put it away. Make sure you flip the safety so you don’t shoot yourself in the foot though. Your not going to be holding it for a long time. If your holding the gun for a few minutes before you fire then perhaps you should not get this. Only buy a gun if your going to use it. If you want to threaten people then you should stick with a knife or bat.”

“Alright I understand. How much for the piece and a full clip?”

“You know what I ask for the gun. The bullets I will throw in. When you’re a man come back to me and I will put you to work.”

The boy picked up the gun and the ammo. Stuffing it inside his backpack he quickly headed off. School was starting here soon and he wanted to drop this off somewhere safe. No need in going to school to get caught when he went through so much to even get it. Soon he will be free. Soon he will be a man. Then he will go work for Big D and he could afford his own place.

The moment sunk in. The deed that was completed is comprehended. Guilt sinks in and suddenly terror of getting caught. He quickly grabbed the wallet out of the man and left the house through the backdoor. The rain beating down on him as if punishing him for his sins. He quickly ran to the fence and tried to climb it. Some mud on the ground causes him to slip and he hit’s the fence with his jaw. Blood starts dripping out as he focuses and starts climbing up. A few minutes later and he is a block away waiting for his ride to pick him up. Up a head he catches a car pulling towards him. It is easy to notice the lights on the van. He walks out to meet up with it. As it gets closer he can almost see D in the driver seat. It stopped right in front of him. He wanders over to the passenger side. The door slides open and a barrel sticks out. Loud shot and he watches the ground rush up at him. The last words he hears, ‘There is a sucker born every minute.’

Darkness closes in as the rain lessens. Cold rain that drips down onto his face. Breathing gets shallow and soon the wasted youth is dead. Two murders in one night. One destiny that was tied to several people.