Monday, November 29, 2004

A bit more along the lines of the previous writing.

Feeling reborn I emerge from the shower. It is a weird feeling emerging from this chamber of steam and white light into the world. I emerged wearing boxers running a brush through my hair. Sam was standing in the kitchen making someone while talking on the phone. Since it only killed the cat I figured I could stand and listen while I brushed my hair. Like a thief in the night I crept up closer and hid behind part of the doorway.

‘When is your show playing next?’ Little pauses as I could not hear the other party listening to a one-sided conversation is at times difficult.

‘Yeah I should be there. Perhaps catch you after the show and chat for a bit.’

‘Don’t worry I will make sure he doesn’t show up. Yeah he is here crashed on my couch and is now taking a quick shower. Ha no we are just friends. I thought it at one time but we can’t stand each other enough for anything more. No remorse besides its better this way. I can smack him without regret when he fucks up.’ Then I heard laugher from the other party on the phone. So nice to know that my pain brings a smile to someone.

Caution quickly filled my mind. Knowing I would get slapped again if she caught me here I snuck back to the bathroom to get dressed and hopefully get some lunch. I silently went back and closed the door behind me.

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