Monday, July 26, 2004

Passionate words at midnight.  Getting soaked in the rain while strange sounds emerge.  We speak in tongues that no one around except us can apparently understand.  The moment of realization the connection felt so afraid of losing this moment.  Nothing else matters while we struggle to keep this hanging in the balance.  The realization that we are not alone in life the possibility staggering while we realize there is something there connecting us.  Drops of rain soaking into our cloths while we get closer.  The occasional twinkle in the raindrop as a car passes by we ignore while staring deep into each other's eyes.  So close and so strong the connection.  Our heads moving closer together as sparks leap from the ends of our hair to each other trying to draw us closer.  Words hurried as we both see this coming and want to speak before our breath is taken away.  Our lips touch and the moment is lost.  We stand there staring at each other pondering what happened, realizing that something wonderful has been lost but not sure how to regain it.  'So um dinner was nice. I will see you around I guess.' 'Yeah thanks.  See you around.'  We both hurry back to our respective cars and drive off having woken up from the brief dream we both shared.

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