Thursday, July 15, 2004

For a D&D game I created this NPC by the name of Shamus. In doing so with the stats I came up with a short background for him. I keep pondering adding to it or changing it a bit. I figure I will post the orginal here then when I do modify it will post that also. Otherwise enjoy.

Born a farmer Shamus worked most of his young life. Then one day while plowing a field a group of people carrying weapons and dressed in armor hailed him. As he got closer this young 16 year old boy stared in awe at these people. One of them approached him with a huge sword on his back. This man asked him where he could find the inn. Shamus pointed out the direction of the town and they set off. The man gave him a gold coin. Shamus never spent that coin. He ended up drilling a hole in it and wearing it on his neck for a week. Then one day while at the town getting supplies for his family he saw the group reenter the town. This time they were carrying a few bodies of their dead. Later that night he could not sleep he crept into the town to see if he could hear some stories. As he got closer he noticed on the road there appeared to be a large group moving towards the town. As he got closer he saw a large force of ugly humans with tusks. He later learned these were orcs. He quickly ran to the inn and woke up everyone. The battle that came afterwards left many townsfolk dead. A few more of the strange group was also dead. All the attacking orcs were killed. The townsfolk thinking the group brought this upon them told them all to leave. Shamus defended the group stating the orcs were always there and would have attacked anyways. The group ended up leaving only 3 out of the original 8. Shamus left with them. As he met with them that night the leader named Krim gave him a shortsword and started practicing with him. Krim saw the natural talent of this young man and worked with him on improving it. After a few weeks of training Shamus could force a draw. A few more weeks beyond that and Krim could not even defeat him. During this time the group grew a bit to 7 people and they were hired out for various activities. One such time they were hired for strongarm tactics and one of the group members killed a young child. During this Krim and Shamus grew outraged. Krim drew his bastard sword and as it dripped acid blood he killed everyone in the group except Shamus. At the end of the battle they were approached by a man in platemail. This man offered them both something they did not have. The man lead them to Taigen. There they joined a group called the Order of the Phoenix. This group found those who were lost in the darkness of life. They would show these people that there is light and goodness still in the world. Krim joined them and Shamus followed. Both took vows to never let vengeance rule their heart. Krim put his sword into its scabbard and promised Shamus that the old Krim was gone and would never return. These two then went around and fought against many evil together. After some time together Krim told Shamus of his intent to go back home and see how things are going. Shamus agreed to not follow him but told Krim to meet him back at Taigen soon so they can get their next set of orders. Krim went north to Kendrik and Shamus ventured into the Widow forest to see out the orc threat and find out why they were massing. After some weeks of no word Shamus got worried and traveled to Taigen. After getting there the priest met him at the gates and told him that Krim needed his friend quickly. The priest cast a spell to help Shamus get there swiftly. Shamus not knowing how to navigate from the sky missed Kendrik by a few miles and landed on the ground hard. Since his mount needed rest and healing he decided to camp the night. The next morning he headed out on the road seeking his lost friend.

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