Monday, July 26, 2004

I miss online access.  So in preparation of moving we dropped online and cable TV.  Online was my main source of entertainment and communication.  I would chat with people from around the world each night like I have been doing for in some cases 5 years and in other cases 6 or 7.  These people it has become a ritual to login and say hello.  Now that ritual is slightly interrupted.  I remember late nights discussing food to a card game and things to drive your roommates crazy.  Even the occasional voice and or video chat.  So many things to bring people close and make the world seem like it is not that big of a place.  These people were a part of my life.  Sometimes I could go a week and say more words to someone in Australia than I would to my mom.  It would go in waves where I would not chat with someone for a month and then the next week we would catch up.  Lacking online access in the privacy of my own home and not being able to login late at night when the rest of them did makes me feel even more alone.  Suddenly I am without.  I have lost so much more than just a mode of entertainment.  I have been cut off of my friends.  I can still send emails from work to them but it is like writing a letter and mailing it.  It just does not compare to instant messaging at your fingertips.  I miss my friends.

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