Wednesday, July 14, 2004

More exercises in fiction as I work on conversations. So a fictional chat through some chat program.

ForeverK : Hello there how are you doing?
Saralost28 : Do I know you?
ForeverK : Not really sorry. I saw you had a personal add up. I figured I would say hello and chat...
Saralost28 : um.. ok
ForeverK : Hey looks I understand this is probably a bit weird. Sorry to have bothered you....
Seconds passed by as I stared at my computer screen. Idling surfing another web page while I waited for a response or for a simple goodbye.

Saralost28 : Hey don’t worry about it. I forgot I had one placed up. So I figure you have read mine and it puts you in a advantage can I read yours?

ForeverK : um ok I guess. let me get the link here..

ForeverK : try this.. it should work..

Now I feel like I am holding my breath. These personals never really work out. After a few dates or even a few words I get the blow off. Why should I expect anything different? Why do I feel like I have invested so much into this one person. Heck I don’t even know who she is. For all I know she could be a he...

Saralost28 : So how long have you been a member of the site?
ForeverK : Probably about a year.
Saralost28 : Have you met any good people?
ForeverK : Lots of good people and some wonderful people but not someone truly special

Saralost28 : I know I could just look at your profile and find out the answer but I wish to ask instead just to see it from you rather than someone that was written a year or so ago..
ForeverK : um ok.. what do you wish to know?

Saralost28 : Do you like kids or ever want to have kids?
ForeverK : Yea I love kids. I spoil my niece and nephew often.. they are so much fun..

Saralost28 : Why don’t you smoke? and which do you prefer dog or cat?
ForeverK : I don’t smoke anymore because I did not like the idea of something controlling me when I was younger. I stopped and never got back into it as it held no lure for me... and I really have no preference between a dog or cat.. I like both equally

Saralost28 : No one can truly like both.. if you had to choose between one or the other which would you pick?
ForeverK : If I had to choose I would probably choose a dog as I can take it hiking with me..
Saralost28 : you answered that pretty quickly...
ForeverK : yeah.. I borrow a friends dog sometimes to have company when I go hiking or walking...
Saralost28 : that sounds almost pathetic.. Oh well. you don’t mind discussing life, the universe and everything?

ForeverK : I do not however if may often admit i am wrong just because I lack the knowledge in a certain area. But if it is something I know I can be quiet stubborn about it.
Saralost28 : do you prefer staying in on a Saturday or going out hiking or hanging out with friends..
ForeverK : It depends.. Sometimes I like to do any of those.. if I want to be alone or by myself or if I needed to be around people..
Saralost28 : I am looking for someone that is confidant but not overbearing..
ForeverK : I am neither of those.. i have some confidence but not complete in myself if that makes sense.

Saralost28 : What do you want out of life...
ForeverK : I am not sure what I want yet..
Saralost28 : what if I told you I need to have someone that knows what they want out of life..
ForeverK : I would still not be sure of what I want yet... I am not the man of your dreams and I doubt I will be. I just want to be a friend and hangout.. perhaps over time I can become something more but lets not think that far ahead...

Saralost28 : I understand. alright enough questions from me then...
ForeverK : Do you own a dog or a cat
Saralost28 : neither.. my lease does not allow pets.
ForeverK : why the question then?
Saralost28 : was curious what your answer was. I knew a guy who kept changing his mind to match what he thought I had. It was quite entertaining.

Quick witted and a sense of humor. She wasn't lying in her ad.

ForeverK : Poor guy.. did you tell him the truth in the end?
Saralost28 : na.. it was so funny..
ForeverK :I imagine he probably developed a complex.. perhaps you should warn the local pet store or animal shelter for psycho on the loose..

Saralost28 : So why the online dating thing?
ForeverK :I figured why not at least this way I don’t have to pay 3$ for watered down beer.. And you?
Saralost28 : It was on a lark.. got home one night after getting hit on by some losers at a gas station. I mean really.. pickup lines at the gas pump.. pu-leaze..
ForeverK :he he.. I can picture that now.. perhaps next time I pump gas I will have to try that.. 'Hey baby pumping 95 octane eh.. you must love your car'
Saralost28 : yeah excuse me while I gag
ForeverK : whoa I forgot they had the throwing up smiley now.
Saralost28 : really because now there is the occasion for it to be used..
ForeverK :
Saralost28 : wow that’s pretty gross..
ForeverK :yeah but definitely fits the moment eh
Saralost28 :
ForeverK :yeah.. it does.. So did you ever get your ignition problem fixed on your car?
Saralost28 : WTF!

Damn I should not have said that. Probably freaked her out or something now.

ForeverK :oh sorry.. before I chat with anyone I do a search on their user name.. Once ran into some white supremest woman who was pretty freaky... Sorry.. I found your post on a message board for the Ford Focus..

Saralost28 : that’s definitely creepy..
ForeverK :Yeah I take pills for that.. Tonight is extra creepy night tomorrow is placebo's though to balance it out..
Saralost28 : I ended up taking the car in.. hm... hang on..

Oh great now she is doing a search on my name. I hope she does not find my comment about rating operating systems by the number of stupid user calls I get at work. Perhaps I will direct her towards something a bit more lighthearted. Would hate to scare her away by some geekish stuff I post on the net.

ForeverK :I also go by the name Souldancer
Saralost28 : um.. how did you
ForeverK : took a guess.. you find anything cool?
Saralost28 : Yeah.. you have quiet the history.. and you drive a Kia!
ForeverK :Yeah it was cheap.. but it runs..
Saralost28 : man I wouldn't be caught dead in a Kia
ForeverK :Does that mean you will be picking me up?

Making fun of my car. Man she drives a focus. Hello kettle this is pot. Guess what? We're both black.

Saralost28 : What makes you think I would want to actually see you in person?
ForeverK :because I once posted a model's picture with my name attached to it and you probably already saw it.. so think I am some cute guy..

I wonder if she has found that picture.

Saralost28 : now your definitely creepy... How long are your placebo's?
ForeverK : only tomorrow then back to the regular dosage:-)

Saralost28 : 7pm work for you?

ForeverK :it will be wonderful..
Saralost28 : Where would you like to go...
ForeverK :lets start with dinner and go from there..
Saralost28 : um ok.. its late anyways email me your address and number... goodnight...
ForeverK :night


Well here goes nothing. I hope she keeps her sense of humor. I hope she was kidding about my Kia. I love my little car.

Sudden intake of breath as if a yawn is coming on.. Mid yawn as my lungs fill with air a thought overwhelms me and outcomes my emotions.

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