Sunday, February 08, 2004

wrote a few thousand words for another blog i am doing for a DnD character. Will try to get some time in for this one. I am pondering maintaining three different blogs plus my page. So hopefully i did not bite off more than I can chew. For a small bit here is something I wrote as a outline for a movie idea. It came to me one night when I was visiting my parents. After thinking about it for a few minutes the rest of the story came to me in about 30minutes. A outline is just some steps with a short description of what happens. I plan on expounding on it in the future. Until then here it is.

1. Small town life. Big time rainstorm.
2. Small town home. Big city murder. - Dog barking then gets silent. Flash of lightning. Two second delay then gunshot during the roll of thunder.
3. Questions asked from the dark. - Man walks out of bar late at night. Into rainstorm. Gets confronted asked some questions then gets beaten.
4. Horrible wake up call. - Young man (Joel ) gets call from brother that his mother has been murdered. Also hears his father is in hospital after a attack.
5. Back to the town left behind a long time ago.
6. Police crime scene. The childhood home shattered.
7. Questions from the detective (Ben Ramsdale ). Many answers still missing.
8. Contacting some old friends. Seeking answers and comfort.
9. Late night visit to home. Bumping into the detective at midnight.
10. Breakfast with detective. Dad still up to old tricks.
11. Visit to the hospital. Father still not awake. Doctor gives bad news.
12. Old flame (Amanda) is now a nurse. Her husband (Scott) is part of the law enforcement.
13. Get ticket in hospital parking lot. Scott holding onto past anger.
14. Visiting lawyer to settle mom’s affairs. Family there for support.
15. Bad news from Amanda. Scott went in to talk to dad and during the questioning he had a heart attack. - Presses mute button on wireless phone and loses control for a moment.
16. Contacted lawyer to also add the affairs of father. Being strong for family.
17. Hooking up with a old friend (Stan). Still selling big time drugs in this small town. Offers help and some weight to protect oneself. Lets it be known Dad was a loyal friend and a customer.
18. A phone call to a big city friend ( Staci ). She knows guns and understands revenge.
19. Coffee shop confrontation. Scott says, It is his town and girl. Best leave before someone gets hurt. Detective Ramsdale intervenes and Scott leaves with less pride.
20. Phone call and meeting up with Staci. Middle of nowhere target practice. She brings toys for big boys. Offers advice that revenge is never a good dish to eat.
21. Call from Stan. Tip that Dad was playing in big league and stepped on some toes. Possible a clue could be at the crime scene. Late night house cleaning searching for clues. Find one and tires on car is slashed while inside the house.
22. Contacting Detective Ramsdale in the morning before breakfast with family members.
23. Afternoon service for two burials. Third visit from Scott. Claims to have known Dad somewhat. Said they worked together once.
24. Evening meeting out at park awake from city. Wandering the path through little woods to avoid being overheard. Showing detective some clues and motive of the murder. Clues point to a member of the police force.
25. Three cars parked where they should have been only two. Scott appears holding a gun on the detective. Says, He knows Ramsdale has been dirty and now has the proof.
26. A gunshot. Shock for a moment. Scott goes down. Stan the rescuer saving a friend.
27. Ramsdale pulls gun on Joel. Truth comes out. Dad was hiding some money and working with… gets interrupted by gunshots.
28. Ramsdale goes down Scott saves the person he hates. Says if he let anything happen to Joel, Amanda would never forgive him.
29. Scott fills in details Dad has turned informant as Scott was trying to find who was dirty in the department. He had another officer tailing Ramsdale for past few days. Also he was tailing Joel to make sure he would not get into trouble while he was here.
30. Best part of that town is leaving it. Driving off while pondering a conversation with Scott. He was always angry because he thought he would lose the only person he cared for to Joel. Joel telling Scott, She had to choose the better man. She choose you. Never forget that. Headlights on dark road away from a nightmare.