Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Here is a bit more as I try to write something different to see how it comes out. Figured I would attempt to write about a car. Also trying to continue a bit of the friend theme.

Tree’s fly by quickly as the scenery slowly turns into a blur. The motor growls in delight as it is pushed further and further on this lone mountain road. Tight corners and the sound of squealing tires fill the air. Animals run from the sound and the smell as he passes them by. Many times he has driven this road and other roads. The past few weeks turned into months and those began to blur together like the trees he passed by. When he first got the car he made a promise to never drive when drinking to his mother. He also made a promise to himself to never drive angry. To his car he promised to always take care of it. His car promised him that it would respond to his commands quickly. A finely tuned machine that put out more horsepower than it should. A slight hiss in the air as he gave it some more juice. He did the mod a few weeks ago and now feeds his hungry machine two kinds of gas. The resulting growl and power pushed him back into his seat with a smile on his face. Another corner came quickly and disappeared in his mirror as he navigated it with a few flicks of his wrist. His best friend and his love combined into one. The long stretch of highway came up. He drove an hour out to find this place. Four miles of lone highway out in the middle of nowhere. Absolute silence and privacy. No one ever came out here these days. So it made a good place to push his friend a little further. Keep testing the limits was his motto and he lived it fully. A sudden stop and smell of burnt rubber. Two thin tire marks left to show he was there as his car stops in the middle of the road. Dropping the gear and revving the motor further he waited till it reached 2000 and then dropped the gear in. A jolt and squeal as the car jumped forward the front end trying to get off the ground while the rear pushed it forward with quickening pace. A quick press of the pedal and another short throw for the gear to shift and more squealing resulted. When it calmed down a bit the hiss of the gas being released can be heard from the passenger seat. Then when it hit 5000 RPM’s he threw the gear again and felt it pull him back as he gained more speed. One more throw as he approached 100 miles per hour and he felt something slip. He quickly let go of the gas and pulled back the gear trying to shift down and reduce some speed. The car responded quickly and he pressed his brakes a little to slow down further. The car was still going too fast and he pressed the brakes in too far. The man behind the machine failed. A small error in judgement and the car lost control. It slides a bit before it went off the side of the road. The sharp incline on the shoulder causes the car to start to roll. Down it went rolling into a field as the ground tore off bits of it each time. The wing on the rear was the first to go. Then the mirrors on the side. It lay there in the field suddenly silent. He woke up hearing nothing but the slight hiss from the tank beside him. It was still pumping that mixture into the engine. His seatbelt came loose quickly as he struggled to get out of the car. Crawling away quickly he go out to the road in time to get a good view as the car exploded. He failed his friend by reacting prematurely. He failed his love by not being more careful. Now he failed himself, as he has to walk back home.