Friday, January 14, 2005

This isn't part of the previous story line it is something else I was trying to write about. For those who are truly interested in what is in that package know this post has nothing to do with that story.

A familiar car pulled into the parking lot. I sat in my little booth waiting for her to enter the restaurant. We had agreed to meet here for lunch. I hadn’t been waiting long. Perhaps 5 minutes before her car pulled up. As she got out of the car I watched her walk towards the entrance. The windows were tinted so people inside can see out but you can’t look into the place. I wonder if she knew I was watching her right now? As she approached the greeter saw her and opened the door. Then after she shook off some of the cold and her coat the greeter pointed her in my direction. When she looked at me I stood up and waved. There I waited a bit longer as she came over to the booth. After she sat down I reached inside my coat and pulled out a little item before sitting back down myself. I gave her a small chocolate rose wrapped up in gold foil.

`Its not as sweet as you but I figured you would enjoy.’ I leaned back into the booth as she giggled and slowly unwrapped her little gift.

`So how was your trip down?’ She asked while pulling a small piece of foil that refused to come off with ease.

`It was uneventful. That I am thankful for. Though I do have to admit my visit with you almost makes me sad to leave this place tonight.’

`Almost eh? I wonder what would keep you down here forever.’ She put on a wicked smile and fluttered her eyelashes almost seductively except for the burst of giggling that came forth almost immediately afterwards.

`Well that would easily keep me down here for all eternity. Though I imagine you would get sick and tired of me after a few weeks.’

`Oh perhaps but still… Otherwise how was your visit with your dad?’

`It was entertaining I guess. I went in and told him to call his mom. Also I told him he isn’t forgotten just that there is nothing I can do and he is so far away so I will not visit often or at all.’

`Any idea how long he is locked up till?’

`No idea I don’t even think they have gone to trial yet.’

`Were the drugs his?’

`I doubt it. He never had that much money and was not really the dealer type. Probably was there to spend his paycheck and stock up for a few weeks. He tells me he is innocent and knew nothing of what was going on there but I don’t believe him.’

`Why don’t you?’

`I know him. All these years and the people he hangs out with. Somehow I doubt the cops caught him the one time he was just being an honest citizen.’

`Do you hate him?’

`Na… I do not hate him however most of my memories involving him also includes the police. Heck my earliest memory is them taking him away.’

`Sounds like he wasn’t really there for you…’

`Well don’t get me wrong. He wasn’t the greatest of fathers but I wasn’t the greatest of son either. He wasn’t there for me and I never really had the interest to be there for him. There are quite a few times when he blew me off or spent time with his friends over his family. There are almost the same amount of times when I have done the same to him. When I was younger we were rebuilding an engine for my car and often I would go hangout with friends and didn’t think about it. Also one weekend when we were younger he picked up us kids and took us out to the lake. I got bored after a day and started walking back home. I say we are just about equal.’

`You still seem like your bitter over the whole thing.’

`Yeah I am a little bitter. Its for a lot of things regarding him. Oh well I don’t want to discuss him anymore. How did your date go?’

`It went ok however we didn’t get to finish a conversation.’

`What about if you don’t mind me prying?’

`So far we have been comfortable together and haven’t really taken the next step. We were discussing that a bit over New Years but we never got to finish it.’

`How do you want it to turn out?’

`I don’t know we have been friends for so long that it is almost an all or nothing type of situation. I think it would be nice but he spends too much time taking care of his mother. I don’t know if it will work.’

`You didn’t answer the question.’

`I don’t know how I want it to turn out. Sometimes when we argue we conflict even more. When I am angry with someone I like to discuss it and talk it out. He is one of those who you get into a fight with then he stalks off for a few days and comes back ok. I don’t know if we can have an argument without destroying anything that we have built.’

Half an hour passes by as the conversation switches into idle mode. We both slowly work on some cheesy fries covering other topics like work, friends, news, and books we have read. The waiter came up and took the plate away giving us a funny look as he glanced at the weird smiley face and mouth we made with the ketchup.

`Would you like any pie?’

`um.. Yeah… ‘ I turned and looked at her for a moment. `French silk?’

`Yes.’ She responded.

`Lets get a slice of French silk pie with two forks then and that should be it for the evening.’

`Excellent I will bring that right out.’ The waiter headed back towards the kitchen.

`So you have been single now for 9 months?’

`Yeah doesn’t seem that long ago though doesn’t it?’

`Yeah how is Scott doing?’

`He is doing well, working and such.’

I tried to suppress a small laugh.

`What’s so funny?’

`I was just thinking…’

`Thought I smelled something burning. What were you thinking about?’


`You can’t just answer a question like that.’

`Wanna bet?’

`Now your just stalling.’

`No I wasn’t. I was thinking about when I was younger. I remember I was going to make it a point to ask you out and try to start a relationship with you if you were ever single again. Now 9 months have gone by and your still single.’

`Yes I am. Though no clue how things are going to pan out with Mark.’

`Now I do not know how to ask this.’


`Well in high school you would ask someone out and start “dating” them. But I take friends out on dates all the time. I cannot think of an appropriate way to ask someone to start a romantic relationship. There should be communication before such is started or so I like to believe. So perhaps the correct question is this.. Would you like to discuss the possibility of me and you?’

`Um I don’t know…’

`Think about it either way. I am not as madly in love with you as I was when I was younger. I have mellowed out over the years. Getting rejected is not going to emotionally crush me. Though I imagine getting a yes would emotionally destroy me. We have been friends for a long time. I don’t remember us ever really getting into an argument but I can imagine it happening. You know what my feelings have been for you over the past 8 years. We know what our bad sides look like and where each of us are coming from. I also know the distance thing is a bit much but hey it is only an hour and half drive. I am willing to do that. However I cannot be the only one. If we do it would be something we would both have to work towards. I do not want to be the only person trying.’

`I understand that…. Though I feel that…..’

The waiter brought out the piece of pie. Perfectly interrupting the conversation then leaving us to pick up the pieces again. A minute of silence went by as we started into the piece. Each of us enjoying the chocolate pie. Each waiting as if daring the other to speak first. It was her that broke the silence.

`I will have to think about it. I do not know either way but it will require some thought. Though we do have a long past together our friendship is not something I want to lose.’

`I understand. I waited 5 years for you to break up with Scott. I waited 1 year for you to finish traveling. Time does not mean that much to me at this point. Also like I said earlier I am do not have as much emotionally invested in it this time. I treasure our friendship but I also keep wondering the big “What if”.’

`Thanks for the pie. I will have to get back to you. Know that the next week I am preparing for a trip to Montana and I am not ignoring you. I will get you an answer back after I ponder it.’

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