Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Sadly lacking anything to really write about the past few days. A few things that I have been mulling about in my mind keep popping up but I suppress them quickly.
So I figured I would take a line out of my script outline I did a while ago and expand on it further. Plus cut a bit of it out that was not really necessary. More so it was another exercise in dialog.

20. Phone call and meeting up with Staci. Middle of nowhere target practice. She brings toys for big boys. Offers advice that revenge is never a good dish to eat.

“Man its fucking cold.”
“Hey Staci how are you doing?”
“Man fuck off and lets get this done. Its fucking cold out here. Plus it weirds me out miles of nothing around. Someone could be sitting on a hill watching us.”
“Don’t worry. We are miles from anyone except a cows.”
“Alright so lets get this straight you want something heavier than that Colt.”
“Yeah I have a feeling shits going to get deep and I need something to comfort me at night”
“I thought you got out of this shit years ago Joel.”
“I did too but it appears I have some cleaning up to do.”
“You know my record what are you looking for?”
“Something automatic. Preferably burst for accuracy.”
“Alright I have something but your not setting up business…”
“Tomorrow I bury my mom and dad. This is definitely not business. This is some cleaning that needed to be done and will get done.”
“Damn. Nothing personal but do you mind if I get cash now?” Staci flashed 15 with her fingers out of sight for all except Joel.
“I can give you half and write a check for the other half but I did not expect this shit so have not stopped at the bank.”
“Half will work just remember you owe me.”
“Cool thanks for coming out so quickly.” Joel stepped up and handed a wad of cash to her.
“No problem I owed you a little from back when. “ She carefully took the money and stuffed it into her front pocket. With her other hand she reached into her back pocket and pulled out a little piece of paper. She then handed it to Joel.
Joel took the paper and unwrapped it. Reading the directions on there he found out his gun was in a box near mile marker 214.
“Thanks again for this. Someday we should meet without a business reason.”
“That would be nice. Though I fear after the shit goes down I wont be able to be seen with you in public. Remember Joel revenge is never a good dish to eat. It tastes horrible cold and hot. Best thing I can recommend is get it done and over with quickly don’t try to savor it.”
“Thanks that is what I plan on doing. Take care and hopefully see you around.”
Joel stood there watching the truck drive off the dirt road and fade into the distance. Not wanting to cause her any distress he waited there a full 5 minutes before getting back into his car. It started up and choked out a small smoke cloud in protest. Joel pressed down on the gas and drove off to find his new toy.

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