Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Back in the swing of things,

Due to middle section bloat, I decided to split up the book Skills and Demons : First Encounters, into two books. With the first weighing in at 142K words before editing and revising, its pretty hefty and for paper copies on Amazon that is about as big as I can make it without having to charge $20 per copy. After finding a nice stopping point, I took a month off to work on revising and rest some. 

That time has passed and I started working on book two, which I'm kind of iffy on the title as of yet. I have a rough outline, not as detailed as some previous projects, but its a start, and I'm aiming for 100K words. So far I'm at 10K words so getting there. 

If you want to start reading it on RR, the start of book two is, Not all the chapters I've written are up as of yet, I've scheduled a bunch to release over the next couple of weeks, but do know they are coming. My patreon has stuff as soon as I finish a chapter and run through Grammarly and do a once-through.