Saturday, June 12, 2004

A sharp pain in my side keeps my mind awake. It is hard to sleep when a fear of something serious drifts though your mind. I lay there pondering what bad thing could have happened that would cause this pain in my side. Sharp stabs that run through when I take a deep breath. So I figured I would write. I originally pondered a last will and testament just incase I died in my sleep. As I stood there pondering what I wanted my last words to be I had to laugh at myself. I sat there pondering what I wished to write. Did I want to write something that I would be remembered for or did I wish to write truths unspeakable except in the most private moments? So I figured I would watch the movie I had been planning on watching before I realized the pain. So with much humor my last movie would be Single’s. So no will and testament. No last words to the world. If this was lethal and I was to pass then I will leave a great mystery. Will it be one that will puzzle and make people ponder or will it be something people will see then quickly forget? So I scribble down some words and wishes pondering the reasoning behind it. Perhaps someday I will create a decent

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