Monday, June 15, 2020

Finally, finished...

Ok, more like I'm finally at the halfway point. Started a project 10months ago. Planned one book initially then possibly a sequel. However due to the story wandering around and growing in the middle, I decided to split the one book into 2. At 140K words, if I kept it as one book, I'm guessing it would easily be 250K, which while nice, would not be feasible to get paperback versions at an affordable price.

Now that I have time to sit and think about it, I decided to take one of the short stories I wrote for the book and list it on Amazon. Figured it would help fund the cost of editing the main book.

Not much else to say, lots of ideas for other novels and books. I have an idea for a Colfax and Dead sequel, and even have ~7K words started on it, but I didn't have enough of a story to really write a sequel. The same with Cannot Tame the Wind, have an idea for book 2, but doesn't seem to be enough for a whole book. 

Of all the ideas in the past year, the one that seems to have some meat to it, is the Skills & Demons storyline. Part of it is I get to take all the horrible D&D memories I have and share them and inflict new ones upon the characters.  

It has been doing ok at RoyalRoad where I've been posting it, have gotten a lot of excellent comments that'll help when I start the revision. 

If you are interested in effectively beta reading, check them out, I'm doing two versions of the story, one with game text (crunchy) and one without (non-crunchy).



Also coming up on my 1 year anniversary for Patreon, if you want to toss a dollar my way, feel free, I typically post chapters to the Patreon 5 days before they hit on RoyalRoad. 

Either way, I hope my writing entertains.