Saturday, October 08, 2016

Corner of Colfax and Dead, finished.

In Sept I had an idea for a story and it prevented me from working on another project. I ended up writing a small novella ~21K words. I wanted to do something different with it so I wrote it without an outline and discovery wrote it. Parts of me enjoys discovery writing another part of me worries I will have to do a lot more editing for continuity errors and weak plot. Still I finished it and am hoping once it finishes editing it will find some fans.

How does a story grab a hold of you and prevent you from writing something else? That is easy, one day I had an idea which went along the lines of:  “I always told myself that I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Now that I’m dead it appears there is too much to get done.”  

It kind of took off from there. I wrote an urban fantasy novella about a guy who is dead but not dead. Somewhat in the lines of a zombie but less "braaaaains" and more lack of things that make living worthwhile like taste and smell.

I wanted an urban fantasy book that was light on the fantasy part and more of the struggling hero. So my little book has no vampires, no werewolves, no wizards, nor demons. I don't plan on having any of those things, well maybe a little black magic but i'm thinking something in the kin of Gandalf type of magic rather than Harry Potter.

Will this book have more parts, I'm not sure. Will people get sick of the name dropping of places in Denver and Colorado that I put in it... probably.. oh well.  Either way keep reading and I'll post a link once I have it up somewhere.  Until then here is the first few chapters I posted to Goodreads.