Friday, December 06, 2013

Just isn't write.  

One of the things I had hoped going to college would do would be to encourage or get me to write more.  So far it hasn't really happened.  By writing I mean production of fictional content.  Completing class assignments has been difficult enough as I wonder if I have lost my creativity.  Even this blog lacks when you compared it to what I pumped out previously.  My crutch in the past was to use pain as a motivator for writing.  Even when it was self induced through self harm.  Now that I am not depressed nor am I cutting myself the creativity appears to have fled.  Perhaps it never was really mean producing all that,  perhaps it was from the demon attached to my back.  I should be glad to be rid of it as I am content and happy however that does not fit or align with my desire of being a writer.  Now it seems I was looking for an easy crutch or something to help but English Classes has not provided that.  Perhaps I just need more time and effort.  That I do not know.