Thursday, May 12, 2005

Something random. As I woke up this morning with a single thought and picture running through my head.

“I slowly traced the scar that curved under her right breast. I looked into her eyes and saw them pleading,
`All I ask is that you don’t try to change me.’ She whispered.”

The young sensitive guy holding his love and realizing that she suffered but wanted him to do nothing. He wanted to be the knight in shining armor and to save her from whatever demons she battled. She asked to be consumed by them instead because it was who she was. To change someone you love and possibly lose that person or to love them for who they are and do nothing.

At times the greatest evil a good man can do is nothing.
.... So after some thought about other things I decided to expand a bit. I think it would make a movitation for another character on his spiral into darkness and depression. Here is a bit I came up with.

The moment started with a kiss. Both reaching for each other at the same time. Eyes closed on both sides as they each lean their head to the side as they each pull the other closer. She leaned to the right. He leaned to the left. A swift thump! As they bump foreheads together. Both of them open their eyes and smile. They start to kiss with their eyes open looking and watching the other. Time passes quickly by as their unsure hands learn the lessons of passion. Clothing is removed while the outside world disappears for them. Soon their universe encompasses the couch and the other person. Nothing more will exist for several hours with these two. Before the shirt comes off she flicks the switch on the lamp so they are in darkness. Groping blindly for the other learning the bumps and curves of the other person. With his explorations he feels a small line on her skin underneath her breasts. Curiosity peaks his mind and he turns on the light. A look of fright is on her face as he gazes upon some scars across her chest. Places hidden normally by a bra. A spiders web that crosses and branches out in several directions. Realization strikes and he quickly ponders why he never realized this before. The years of friendship had never given any signs or had they? Was he daft? He gentle caressed one of the major scars and looked into her eyes questioningly.

`All I ever asked from you is that you don’t try to change me.’ She whispered.
`But this… you’re in pain?’
She reached and placed her hand over his and held it against the scar.
`This is who I am. Every line. Every bit of it. I’m not prefect and you should know that.’
`There is a difference between being prefect and suffering…. Is there something I can do? Is it because of me?’
`No to all of that.’ She still held his hand and brought her left hand up to caress the side of his face.
He pulled back and removed her hand from his face.
`You want me to stand by idly and watch..’
`NO! I don’t want you to watch. I want you to accept this as part of me and to not try and change me.’
`I… I…. I’ll have to think about it.. This is a lot more than I can deal with right now.. ‘
He stood up and the world came in to focus. He grabbed up his cloths and quickly got dressed.
`I’ll give you a call when I get home. I’m sorry but this is difficult.’
Anger flashed in her eyes as she watched him get dressed. She bit back her tongue and let him go. The door was almost shut when the tears came out. She sat there crying wondering what she had lost.